Mid Season Update

We have passed the mid season point, and I have finally had time to compile our irrigation totals for the season. At the mid point of the season, we used just over 2 million gallons of water. At first, this was slightly disappointing, as this is a slight increase to last year. However, a further look made me smile. Temperatures have been higher this year and rainfall has been down. We have had 2 separate 14+ day intervals with no rain as well. We did not go over 10 days without rainfall last year.

Also, we have had better results this year. Even during the dry periods, I have yet to see the massive dry spots that we normally face. Our root system is deeper than I have ever had, and our color is deep and rich. The results have been encouraging.

Since the mid point of the season, we had a massive lightning strike disable most of the system. It has since been repaired, but I have not had to use irrigation since then. This has helped to bring our totals back below our 3 year average, and there is a slight chance that this may be our best year yet.

Keep finding ways to save water, and I thank you for following our quest for world class results through sustainable methods. I am always up for suggestions, keep sending me your thoughts!